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My name is Amanda Ghobadi.
I'm CEO, Lead Photographer & Chief Strategist at The Branding Babe.

But I'm also so much more than that. I’m a mom to two sweet fur babies (a cat & a dog), a yogi, an ever-learning art student, and a total tree-hugger. I'm a woman who lives to eat, and my go-to weeknight activity is ordering takeout from my favorite vegan restaurant while streaming the latest episode of Queer Eye on Netflix (Surprise: those boys really get branding!). Oh, and I’m saving up for my next tattoo. I love any kind of art as a form of self-expression, and that's just one of the many reasons why I do what I do.


I founded The Branding Babe after years of bouncing from one role to the next, feeling like no matter how I looked at it, the job market was always selling me short. The well-paying positions with benefits all seemed to be rigged in the favor of large, soulless corporations. And the positions where I felt I could actually make a difference in the world were either part-time, low paying (don't even get me started on internships!), or left no room for growth.

I was frustrated, and I wanted a solution. There had to be a lucrative way to make a living, all while working for a company that had strong values & a mission to make the planet a better place. And then it hit me: why not start my own business?

Women were launching successful startups, selling out online courses, and building 6-figure careers through social media all around me. And I knew I could do it too.


So I compiled my years of experience in the design industry – working for indie-brands and female CEO's – and began applying everything I had learned about personal branding to my own business. 


That's when things changed. My business began to take off! Women I had never met before wanted in on my brand strategy secrets. They were ready to get in front of camera, because they saw the potential for professional photos to amplify their personal brand presence. 

The best part was that these clients stuck around, and many of them have stayed with me for years. Because when you put in the soul-centric work it takes to produce powerful imagery, it transforms you. As your brand's reputation grows, it will create a domino effect. And as your confidence begins to sprout, so does my confidence in capturing you. This is the magic space where our creative relationship blossoms.


Together, with lots of nurturing and guidance, we will grow your personal brand into a beautiful empire; an empire where inspiring women rule, and all of your people get a VIP seat at the royal table.

Amanda Ghobadi


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Amanda Ghobadi

CEO, Brand Strategist & Photographer




Proudly serving the Washington, D.C. area and beyond.



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