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Loving Hut Challenge: Hamburg

November 7, 2016

For those of you back home who don't know what Loving Hut is, I'll start off by saying its my all-time favorite Vegan restaurant. It's fairly cheap, delicious, and I can get everything from vegan ice coffee to vietnamese curry and donuts for dessert.


Loving Hut is actually a restaurant chain founded by Supreme Master Ching Hai. But don't let her title scare you! Ching Hai is a spiritual teacher, vegan activist and is actually widely criticized for her wild displays of generosity. The individual restaurants which are located all around the world are owned by her followers. Every menu is different and completely unique depending on the location. 


As my favorite Loving Hut is back home in Falls Church, VA, I decided that during my travels I would make it to every Loving Hut location possible in the cities I am visiting. So my first night here in Hamburg I made it my mission to try out the German version of my favorite vegan food spot. 



























Since I've tried nearly everything on the menu at home, it's difficult to compare the two restaurants. What I can say is that the Vietnamese limeade was fantastic as it was not overly sweet or too sour. The red curry with soy protein I ordered had a perfectly creamy consistency and the vegetables were not too soft or crunchy but just the right texture. The dish was not particularly spicy so I wouldn't have minded a little more heat! One standout note is that the food came incredibly fast after we ordered, which is always a wonderful surprise. Hopefully I can stop here a few more times before I have to leave Hamburg so I can try out a wider variety of the menu.


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