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Dear Friends,

I'm working hard to serve you during the COVID-19 outbreak. Educational content and live videos will be regularly posted via The Branding Babe Community and brand strategy sessions will still be available via phone, video, or email. Personal brand photography sessions are being postponed due to COVID-19 until further notice. Please feel free to reach out to me about my policies surrounding the virus, and keep in touch to let me know how I can support you during this time.

In the meantime, I am currently re-vamping The Branding Babe website for all of my lovely clients & community, and will keep you posted on my progress. I love you and cannot wait to be back behind the camera capturing valuable content for your business!



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Meet Amanda


If you're looking for a woman who sees the whole picture, you've found her! I'm Amanda, and I'm a personal brand strategist and photographer based in the Washington, DC area. I understand that your story is more than just a 30-second elevator pitch. Oh no, babe, your story is a memoir, rich and complex, and your brand should be no exception.


It is my job to help you dig deep to uncover your greater purpose, and to share this purpose with your ideal client base through content, visuals, and stories that inspire & connect to your community.


Personal brand photographs can be used diversely across the web, social media, print marketing, educational materials and more! Our goal is to uplevel your brand across all platforms with fresh & consistently engaging content that targets your ideal client base.

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